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Special Request

Original price $25.00 - Original price $25.00
Original price
$25.00 - $25.00
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Did you just receive a large custom order or, planning a new collection and need to purchase gemstone beads? Are you in need of a large amount of gemstone strands but, don't want to pay the full retail price? Well, you may be in the right place. This is a new service that we are offering for designers needing a large number of gemstone beads. This program is only for those in need of (15) strand or more of the same color and size strands. This is not a discount for purchasing from the website. It’s totally separate. If your need meets this requirement, please schedule a consultation. Consultations fee is $25.00 (this fee is due upon scheduling, but will be applied towards your purchase) 

This would be great for weddings, new collections, and subscription boxes.