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African Glass Beads | The Omnipotence and Supreme Nature of God | Multiple Colors | DIY Jewelry Supplies | Gye Nyame Glass Beads | African Recycled Glass Beads

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About this item 

African glass beads for handmade jewelry and other arts and crafts.

Available Colors: Brown & Cream with Green Stripe, Black & Cream with Green Stripe, Red & Cream with Green Stripe, Teal & Cream with Red Stripe,

Bead Size: Approximately: 12mm by 17mm to 18mm

Number of Beads on a strand: 15

Size of Hole: 2.0mm - 3mm

All our African beads are handmade as such there are  variations in the color, shapes, and sizes even on the same strand or band. You may not get the exact same bead in terms of color, shape, or size on listings. It is normal to finds earthen particles on a bead. It is normal to find uneven edges or even chipped edges. Even though our beads are durable, they are mostly made from glass and must be handle with care

Color: Brown & Cream